Astrid Salas

Cineworld – Influencer Film for 4DX

The Challenge

Cineworld identified a business challenge - a lot of people didn’t understand what their 4DX Cinemas were, and what to expect if they booked tickets to a screening.

They found that a lot of people were viewing their “About 4DX” video online to educate themselves, however the video quality itself was not engaging, and did not accurately describe what the 4DX experience was.

As Cineworld was investing more in the technology, it was important to create content that would help viewers understand what 4DX does and lift ticket sales.

Our Solution

We collaborated with the PMC Influencer Team to help bring this production to life. Without being able to film an actual movie in the cinema due to licensing rights, we needed great talent to be the anchor for our video narrative. We wanted this content piece to:

* Educate viewers on what the 4DX technology was

* Excite viewers to try 4DX for themselves by having our influencer describe the feelings and sensory overload of 4DX.

Creative concept and film direction.

We filmed with wide angles, extreme close ups and dramatic lighting to help tell a story of 4DX technology, capturing all the special effects and high-tech motion seats. 

We relied on the influencers acting abilities when filming, and interviewed him after to get some sync to use as a story narrative voice over.

The film shows how the 4DX experience creates an unmissable and exhilarating cinematic experience. It is now the main educational film on Cineworlds website, and due to our partnership with the influencer team, it was also shared through his network of fans. 


Creative Director @__astridsalas

Cinematographer @vlad_jako

Producer @emmalgilbert

Motion @johnmattaillustration

Editor Mitch Tolliday

Runner and storyboards @su_kaur_illustration

Using Format