Astrid Salas

JOHAN 360° Film

Selected for the ShorTS – International Film Festival 2018 in the ShorTS Virtual Reality category


JOHAN | Teaser Cinematic 360° Film

JOHAN | Teaser Cinematic 360° Film


Selected for the CONTEMPORARY VENICE – ITSLIQUID International Art Show
THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space. Held at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space and Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi.

Selected for ShorTS International Film Festival - ITALY 20018

Directed by Astrid Salas

Starring by Fyodor Houtheusen

Styling by Aaron Arnoldt

Cinematography by Corentin Kopp

Photography by Mudita Aeron

Light by David Wright

Hair and Makeup by Caroline Lamp

Set design by David O'Loughlin

Editing by Astrid Salas

Music by Nils Frahm ‘Says’

Special thanks to

LON1721 Underwater studio




Produced with the participation of

First Model Management

Queen Mary University of London

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