Astrid Salas

‘The People of P&O’ Video Social Campaign

The Challenge

P&O Ferries asked us to produce a content series that was required to work across two very different audiences:

* As an internal campaign to generate awareness of their Annual Appreciation Awards
* As a paid social video campaign to help drive awareness of their ‘Why P&O message’

Our Solution

Filming at some of the busiest passenger and freight ports in the UK and France, we used a documentary cinematic style to bring to life the unique stories of 5 previous award winners.

Producing a range of teaser and branded content to suit each social channel, we were able to shine a spotlight on what makes these award winning staff special and how they can directly impact a consumer.

The Results

Each film was well received, and generated:

•1.8 million impressions across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
•728k video views across the campaign
•42.64% average engagement rate across the campaign 

Creative concept and film direction.

Each story has a different narrative and story, which came out after some extensive research and pre-production. This initial research stage helped when it came time to launch, as the content was varied and each week a new story was released on social.


Director @__astridsalas

Cinematographer @richreed_dop

Producer @emmalgilbert

Editor Mitch Tolliday

Storyboards @su_kaur_illustration

Using Format